• Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
• 2.5 cumulative GPA
• Participants must have completed one of the following UW-Madison courses before departure:
•FIG class RS 200: Love & Attachment in Buddhist Literature and Art
•RS/LCA/EALL 273 Asian Religions in Global Perspective (formerly Religion in Culture and History: the East)
•LCA/RS 453: Buddhist Ethics
•LCA/RS/EALL 364 Introduction to Buddhism (to be offered Spring 2014)
•Other classes may be considered on case-by-case basis by instructor
• Language Pre-requisite: None
• Preference given to UW-Madison degree-seeking students.


Religious Studies

Classroom Language




Program Duration

Late May - Late June

Note:  This program will run every other year starting with summer 2014

Application Deadline(s)

TermApplication Deadline

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Cambodia, Siem Reap
UW Buddhism and Service Learning in Cambodia

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This exciting 4 week service learning experience focuses on Buddhist responses to the needs of Cambodians in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Under direction of the Resident Director, UW-Madison professor Anne Hansen, the program will include a service learning placement for you in an NGO or Buddhist organization.  You'll have the chance to examine Buddhist practices of care including meditation, social work, community development, and traditional healing.  During the program, you will learn first-hand how Khmer Buddhist communities understand and practice compassion, and how they administer and offer different kinds of "social work" – as defined in local understanding – through Buddhist avenues of care and assistance. 

Not sure where Siem Reap is? See it on a map.

Each student that is selected to participate on the program will be awarded a "Center for Southeast Asian Studies Scholarship" of approximately $415 (depending on the number of participants), which will be applied to the IAP program fee.  No application is necessary; it’s a guaranteed scholarship, specifically for program participants!