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Most Memorable Moment

The people I’ve met here are great. I’ve learned so much from them and I feel like I’ve made lifetime friends. Almost every conversation is shared over food and drinks, and because of that, I feel really connected to the culture here (food smells will always remind me of Korea).

Mai Chou Her

East Asian Studies Certificate/Undecided major
IAP Seoul, South Korea

Study Abroad Internships

Why intern abroad?

Eighty-six percent of companies reported a need for managers and employees with greater international knowledge in the decade ahead. Corporate leaders say that graduates must demonstrate that they can work in diverse teams internationally (American Council of Education).

An international internship is a unique way to gain professional experience in an exciting global setting. Much more than sorting files and making copies, these internships allow students to make a meaningful contribution to their company or organization. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

What is an international internship?

An international internship is a work experience combined with coursework for academic credit. International internships provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in the field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, and create a network of contacts. Check current opportunities through the International Internship Program office.

What internships are available

IAP offers internships abroad that combine a work experience with coursework for UW academic credit. The following types of experiences are available:

International Internships:
Intensive internship experience for credit.

Australia - GlobaLinks Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Australia - TEAN Internship(Fall, Spring, Summer)
China, Shanghai - CRCC Asia (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Germany- Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft e.V.(Summer)
Ireland, Dublin - University College Dublin(Summer)
Japan, Tokyo - Central Japan Railway(Summer)
New Zealand - GlobaLinks Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Worldwide - International Internship Program Opportunities(Fall, Spring, Summer)

International Internship and Additional Course(s):
The internship is the primary focus; however, students also take other classes in addition to their internship placement.

Australia, Sydney - Arcadia Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
China, Beijing - Alliance (Fall, Spring, Summer)
China, Shanghai - CET (Fall, Spring, Summer)
England, London FIE (Summer)
England, London - Hansard Parliamentary Internship (Summer)
India, Pune - Alliance Internship (Summer)
Ireland, Dublin - Arcadia Parliamentary Internship (Fall, Spring)
Kenya, Nairobi (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Scotland, Edinburgh - Arcadia Parliamentary Internship (Fall, Spring)
Spain, Toledo (Summer)

Study Abroad Program with an Internship Option:

Argentina, Buenos Aires (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Australia, University of Sydney (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Australia, Perth (Fall)
Belgium, Brussels (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
China: History & Modern Development of Environmental Health Internship (Summer)
Czech Republic, Prague CIEE (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Ecuador, Quito - Tropical Conservation (Spring)
England, London-University of Westminster (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
France, Angers (Summer)
France, Montpellier
France, Paris (Spring)
Germany, Freiburg (Academic Year)
Ghana, Legon (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Hungary, Budapest - CIEE (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Israel, Haifa (Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Summer)
Israel, Jerusalem (Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Summer)
Italy, Bologna (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Italy, Rome - John Cabot University (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Jordan, Amman - CIEE (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Russia, Moscow (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Russia, St. Petersburg (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)
Russia, Vladimir (Academic Year, Fall, Spring)

What type of credit and course equivalent is earned?

Students participating in an internship will receive credit for the academic work that is completed over the course of the internship. The number of credits vary depending on the program. More information about internship credit and course equivalents can be found on the program’s webpage.