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Most Memorable Experience

I travelled in four different countries, climbed Machu Picchu and Glacier Perito Moreno, took classes in a different language, made new friends and found my way around the chaotic city of Buenos Aires. However, some of the best days abroad involved getting on and off the right bus or providing an Argentine with accurate directions. The sense of accomplishment from those little things made the whole experience that much better.

Julie-Ann Spatz

Legal Studies, Criminal Justice Certificate
IAP Buenos Aires, Argentina

Prospective Students

10 Advantages of UW-Madison Study Abroad Programs

  1. Qualify for UW-Madison Financial Aid:
    Financial aid may be applied to a UW-Madison resident study abroad program. Only programs administered through International Academic Programs or another UW-Madison School or College, are considered residence programs. If you already receive aid, you may qualify for additional funding to offset the extra costs sometimes associated with study abroad. For more information and to see if your aid will apply, contact Heidi Johnson at the Office of Student Financial Services,, (608)262-3060.

  2. Apply for IAP and L&S Travel Awards:
    You may qualify for a need- or merit-based travel award for a program of any length. These awards are subtracted from your program fees and are intended to offset travel costs and incidental expenses, and are distributed to students participating on programs sponsored by International Academic Programs (IAP) or the College of Letters and Science. Need-based awards and Merit-based awards are available. Detailed information is available in the Scholarships section of our Web site.

  3. Receive Residence Credits:
    Take classes that meet UW-Madison standards and give you residence credits. You will remain registered at UW-Madison while abroad. UW-Madison course equivalents are recorded on your transcript for the classes you complete abroad. Grades earned abroad become part of your UW-Madison grade point average.

  4. Stay Continuously Enrolled:
    Because you will be continuously enrolled as a UW-Madison student, you will maintain your spot in the Registrar queue with your class.

  5. Graduate Abroad:
    Study abroad programs sponsored by IAP meet the UW-Madison residence requirements for your senior year. More specific instructions can be found in the IAP Study Abroad Resource Center (3rd Floor Red Gym).

  6. Receive Help from IAP Staff before You Go:
    IAP staff will help you select the program that is right for you, complete the application process, and get answers to housing, health care, and budget questions. Also, you can come to the IAP Study Abroad Resource Center (3rd Floor Red Gym) to get advice from experienced Peer Advisors who have studied abroad.

  7. Participate in Orientation Meetings to Prepare You for Study Abroad:
    Students will be provided with orientation materials prior to departure. Additional language and cultural orientation sessions may also be included in your program at your host campus overseas.

  8. Receive the Support You Need While Abroad:
    The IAP staff in Madison and our contacts and offices at each program site will provide support and assistance while you are abroad.

  9. Choose from Programs in 6 Continents:
    Programs are available in English as well as foreign languages. We offer summer, semester, year-long, short-term programs and international seminars.

  10. Earn Honors Credits:
    Earn credits towards specialized certificates such as Honors.