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Most Memorable Experience

I travelled in four different countries, climbed Machu Picchu and Glacier Perito Moreno, took classes in a different language, made new friends and found my way around the chaotic city of Buenos Aires. However, some of the best days abroad involved getting on and off the right bus or providing an Argentine with accurate directions. The sense of accomplishment from those little things made the whole experience that much better.

Julie-Ann Spatz

Legal Studies, Criminal Justice Certificate
IAP Buenos Aires, Argentina

Applying to Study Abroad

Eligibility, Program Competitiveness, and Application/Acceptance Process

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to a program, you should review the specific eligibility requirements for that program found on the IAP web page for the program. You may only apply to one program per duration, for instance one fall term program in XXXX year.

Eligibility criteria for programs may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

If you do not meet a program's minimum eligibility requirements, you may be considered on a case-by-case basis. You should contact the IAP Enrollment Specialist Advisor for the program to inquire further about this possibility.

If you are a freshman, you may apply for freshman eligible programs as noted on the program page.

Transfer students
If you are a transfer student you may apply to study abroad your first semester at UW-Madison as long as you meet the program specific eligibility requirements. Additional information for transfer students applying to study abroad.

Non-UW-Madison student applicants
Some IAP programs allow students from U.S. colleges and universities to apply and participant – you may search for eligible programs from the IAP program search page selecting the non-UW student checkbox.

If you are a non-UW-Madison student, in addition to completing the standard application for a program, you will complete an application to UW-Madison for admittance as a non-degree seeking student for the time of your participation on the IAP program. IAP will also verify that you are in good academic and disciplinary standing (i.e. not currently on probation) with your home institution.

After acceptance to a program, non-UW-Madison students follow the same acceptance process as UW-Madison students.

Program Competitiveness

Some IAP programs are competitive with limited enrollment within a given academic year. Examples include exchange programs with restricted enrollment based on the terms of agreement with the host university and some faculty led programs that can only accommodate a fixed number of students. IAP uses specific criteria to evaluate applicants when making selections for competitive programs – see below Application Process for more details. You should contact the Enrollment Specialist Advisor if you have specific questions about the degree of competitiveness of a program.

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements of a program but are not accepted you may be designated as an Alternate. If you are designated an Alternate IAP notifies you.

Alternatively, if you meet all of the eligibility requirements of a program but are not accepted due to enrollment limits you may be given the option to choose another program for which you meet that program's eligibility requirements. Your IAP Enrollment Specialist Advisor will work with you on identifying an alternative program option.

Application Process

All program applications include the IAP online application, which includes your program selection, demographic, academic, and contact information, as well as your campus code of conduct (disciplinary) history. You must also complete a brief survey about the program selection and application process.

Programs may include the following additional application materials: essay questions, program specific forms, and/or personal identification documents, like passport copies. After making a program selection in the online application, program-specific materials become available to you. You can preview what forms and documents are required for a program application on that program's web page, in the Apply Tab.

Selection criterion for a program starts by evaluating if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the program. Additionally, some programs are competitive, due to enrollment limits. In the case of competitive programs, additional criteria used for selection may include:

Acceptance Process

Acceptance decisions are typically made within 4-6 weeks after the program application deadline. After notification of acceptance, you get access to an online account called MyStudyAbroad.

After notification of acceptance, you generally have 2 weeks to confirm or decline your intention to participate. In addition to declaring this intention in your MyStudyAbroad account you must also,

Rolling acceptance decisions

Some programs have a rolling acceptance decision schedule. Rolling acceptance decisions are done prior to the final posted application deadline. If a program has rolling acceptances it will be noted on the program web page together with the program application deadline.

Programs that have rolling acceptance decisions often have enrollment limits. These limits may be reached prior to the posted application deadline. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible prior to the deadline for these programs.