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Most Memorable Experience

I travelled in four different countries, climbed Machu Picchu and Glacier Perito Moreno, took classes in a different language, made new friends and found my way around the chaotic city of Buenos Aires. However, some of the best days abroad involved getting on and off the right bus or providing an Argentine with accurate directions. The sense of accomplishment from those little things made the whole experience that much better.

Julie-Ann Spatz

Legal Studies, Criminal Justice Certificate
IAP Buenos Aires, Argentina

Getting Involved After Study Abroad

Don't let what happened abroad stay abroad. Continue on the journey you started overseas and build upon your study abroad experience to help catapult you to your next adventure. The challenges you overcame, the goals you accomplished, and the people and places you encountered along the way all have relevance to your future study, career, and life experiences. Consider how you can use what you learned abroad in your academic studies or career.

Your study abroad experience is just a new beginning. Where will it take you next?

There are many opportunities at UW-Madison where you can continue building on your international experience. Stay up-to-date on international events on and around the UW-Madison campus through the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS).

Below are some more ideas to help you become familiar with the world that awaits you, before and after graduation, within the UW-Madison community, and possibly beyond.

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Build on Your Experience through Academics

Integrate your international experience, interests, and skills into your academic experience. Beyond the ideas below, consider choosing courses that allow you to explore subjects you learned about abroad (language, religion, culture, etc.).

Fulbright Opportunities
U.S. Student Fulbright Program is designed to give recent B.S./B.A. graduates, master's and doctoral candidates, and young professionals and artists opportunities for personal development and international experience through programs and projects in a foreign country.

IAP Returned Student Events & Resources
IAP offers opportunities to connect with other returned study abroad students. Consider becoming a reference for future students through IAP's Returned Student Profiles and Returned Student Network. Stay updated on returnee related resources through Badgers Beyond Abroad Newsletter. Check out returnee-specific events. Or simply visit with your Study Abroad Advisor.

Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS)
The Regional and International Studies Advising Office is a cross-campus advising service for students interested in exploring international opportunities available at UW-Madison. They offer advising for student who wish to declare an area studies certificate or major, participate in an international internship, explore study abroad options, seek international career advice, or apply for international fellowships or grants.

International Internship Program (IIP)
The International Internship Program provides advising for undergraduate students interested in international internships. Visit their website for more information.

Language Conversation Tables
Continue the language skills you've acquired by speaking with other students and native speakers.

Language Lab
Audiovisual materials for over 100 foreign languages and other Letters & Science courses are available in the Media Library.

Campus libraries have plentiful international and foreign-language books, newspapers, and media items.

Submit Articles and Photos for Publication
IAP Photo Contest
Badger Herald
Daily Cardinal
Glimpse: Your Stories from Abroad
Journal of Undergraduate International Studies (JUIS)
Souvenirs Magazine

The Language Institute
Drawing on the wealth of UW-Madison departments, centers and programs, the Language Institute promotes collaboration for research, education and community outreach in languages, literatures and cultures. Visit their advising website for more information. Visit the Languages at UW-Madison website for opportunities to take your language learning beyond the classroom.

Undergraduate Symposium
The annual Undergraduate Symposium showcases undergraduate creativity, achievement, research, service-learning and community-based research from all areas of study at UW-Madison including the humanities, fine arts, biological sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.

Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD)
Check out the Afternoon Conversation Series, Distinguished Lecture Series, WUD Film (including many foreign films), and mini-courses in a range of areas and interests.


Build on Your Experience through Professional Development

Your experiences abroad helped you develop valuable skills that you can contribute to a job in any field. Your time abroad won't speak for itself; you have to know how to talk about it on your resume and in a job interview. If your need to go overseas isn't fully satisfied, remember that you can study, intern, work, teach, or pursue an advanced degree abroad.

Badger Bridge
This professional network is an exclusive place where UW-Madison alumni and students can come together to offer support in achieving career goals and exploring professional opportunities.

Check out ways to research potential careers, look for a job or internship, applying to graduate school, or improve your marketability with SuccessWorks. Learn to market your study abroad skills and translate your skills into resume language. Meet with a Career Advisor to talk about ways to express your experiences in a professional manner.

Fulbright Opportunities
U.S. Student Fulbright Program is designed to give recent B.S./B.A. graduates, master's and doctoral candidates, and young professionals and artists opportunities for personal development and international experience through programs and projects in a foreign country. Visit the International Fellowships Office on campus to learn more.

International Directions
Michael Kruse (, International Directions Advisor at The Language Institute offers language and international directions advising. Visit their advising website for more information.

Network, Network, Network!
Build a network through connections, join a professional network, or build your experience through a professional international experience. Use LinkedIn to connect to peers or international organizations.

Peace Corps
Visit with the UW-Madison Peace Corps Office to learn about service opportunities after graduation, or find them at campus and community events.

WUD Global Connections
Join the Global Connections committee, part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate, and help plan Interactive programs and events to foster awareness of global issues and interests.


Build on Your Experience through Engagement and Action

Build on your international and intercultural experiences by broadening your circle of connections. Seek out social and volunteer opportunities. Tutor or become a conversation partner. Practice your newly acquired language skills. Connect yourself with organizations and groups on campus, and within the greater Madison community.

The BRIDGE international friendship program connects U.S. students with international students during their first year to assist with the initial adjustment to the university and to the new culture.

Centro Hispano
Centro Hispano works to improve the quality of life for Latinos and others living in Dane County by empowering youth, strengthening families, and engaging the community.

Food and Film
Seek out the superb international cuisine that Madison has to offer. State Street alone could provide an around the world food culture experience. Explore campus and community foreign film showings.

GUTS Conversational English Tutoring
Help international students improve their English skills. Be a part of arranged conversational opportunities for learners of languages other than English.

Hostelling International – Madison
Serve as an ambassador to the Madison area.

International Student Services
Now that you've had the international student experience, become a local connection for international students attending UW-Madison.

Literacy Network
Opportunities as an English as a Second Language tutor.

Madison Friends of International Students (MFIS)
MFIS connects Madison-area international university and college students, scholars, and any accompanying family with local residents to provide support and assistance, as well as to foster cultural exchange, global goodwill, and friendships around the world.

Morgridge Center for Public Service
National and International service opportunities.

Peace Corps
Visit with the UW-Madison Peace Corps Office to learn about service opportunities after graduation, or find them at campus and community events.

Study Abroad Returnee Conferences
Search the internet for a study abroad returnee conference near or far. There have previously been conferences in Chicago and Minneapolis for the Midwest area.

University Housing
UW Housing Learning and Language Communities
International Learning Community
The French House

Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute
Opportunities to be a conversation partner, and TEFL Certification for teaching English overseas.

Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN)
Search the Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) to connect to student organizations. There are over 150 groups with a cultural, ethnic, global health, or international theme geared toward all regions of the world. Narrow your search using the international category!


Go Beyond!
Be creative with using your cross-cultural skills and language skills. Go beyond this list and think about volunteering with foreign languages in courts or hospitals. Explore our city's distinct neighborhoods, and find other ways to engage in dialogue with members of the Madison community. Go beyond and build upon your experience!