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Most Memorable Experience

Taking a pasta making class taught by a sweet Italian grandma. We learned to make all of the traditional Bolognesi pasta: tagliatelle, tortellini and tortelloni.

Andrea Berg

International Studies and Italian
IAP Bologna, Italy

Student Benefits

What Will You Do?

Your minimal requirement for this program is emailing your partner classroom/IAP student at least twice per month.  Depending on your availability and willingness, more frequent correspondence may be arranged.  When possible, we would also like you to arrange an opportunity for the student to visit classroom upon return.

How Will this Benefit the Study Abroad Student?

UW-Madison Student Testimonials

"Communicating with this classroom gave me the opportunity to step back from my experience in Senegal and reflect on what I’d learned thus far."

"I learned valuable communication skills. How do I tactfully explain a Turkish toilet to a 7th grader? This was very good practice, both for life in general and when I try to explain my experience to other people I come in contact with."

"My classroom sent me a package of handwritten letters, which I coincidentally received on my birthday and it made me really happy to read all of their letters. The students' letters made me realize how special it was for me to be having this wonderful experience abroad."

"The kids were able to ask some questions that not only stumped me bu that adults would never ask out of embarrassment."

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How will this Benefit the Classroom?

Learn about Wisconsin State and MMSA Academic Standards Correlations

Middle School Student Testimonials

"I learned a lot about France and Senegal and what they do there. It was cool to know what it is like."

"[I learned that] camels don't fit two people."

Camel Riding

"I really liked how we got to talk to someone who is somewhere across the world."

"I wish I could [study abroad] right now."

Senegal food

"[I learned] that in Senegal they eat in a large bowl and the mother will kind of throw the meat to everyone in the bowl."



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