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Benefits of studying abroad

I think studying abroad sets me apart because it gave me a really unique opportunity to learn about a foreign culture and way of life hands-on. There is a limit to what you learn in a classroom, and studying abroad is a way to expand knowledge and understanding outside of those confines. I also think studying abroad opened my eyes to new horizons that I never would have considered had I not left Madison such as an international career or attending graduate school abroad.

Jillian Levy

History and Journalism
IAP London, England

UW Global Gateway Programs

The world is closer than you think!

International Academic Programs (IAP), a unit in the International Division, is delighted to be able to offer an exciting academic opportunity for UW-Madison undergraduates called the UW Global Gateway Programs. UW Global Gateway Programs are short-term study abroad programs that allow students to interact closely with a UW-Madison Faculty Director. On these programs, a UW-Madison faculty member will direct a group of Badgers to a different location around the globe to introduce students to issues of global importance and prepare students for success in an increasingly interconnected world. These programs use the host country as a classroom and are experiential and interdisciplinary. Locations, themes, courses, and faculty will vary from program to program to attract as broad a range of students as possible.

As global competency and awareness of international issues are core to the development of all UW-Madison students, IAP supports this initiative by providing each student selected with a Global Gateway Scholarship, which covers all billed program costs and international airfare. Through these programs, IAP hopes to make study abroad accessible to UW-Madison students, to serve as a gateway to further international opportunities, and to cultivate community at UW-Madison through shared academic experiences abroad.

UW Global Gateway Programs are open to full-time first and second year UW-Madison undergraduates. A diverse group of students is chosen to participate in this academic experience, so students from all majors and interests are encouraged to apply.

Faculty and/or academic departments who are interested in collaborating on UW Global Gateway Programs should contact Dan Gold, IAP Director.