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Impact of Experience Abroad

Studying abroad has most definitely changed me. I feel that now I am much more open to and aware of other cultures and cultural differences around me. I have also learned to appreciate many aspects of my own culture. Before leaving to study abroad, I was almost embarrassed by being American, but I learned that there are certain things that I can’t change about who I am and that I would not want to anyway.

Caitlin Quintez

Spanish Education and French Education
IAP Madrid, Spain

Study Abroad Scholars

Discover the world...and bring the world back to Wisconsin!

Study Abroad is an integral part of a UW-Madison education and can be one of the highlights of a student's time here. IAP hopes to make this possible for as many Badgers as possible with Study Abroad Scholars awards, starting at $1,500 towards IAP short-term/summer program, $3,000 towards IAP semester programs, and $4,000 towards IAP year-long programs. All students applying to IAP programs should consider this award!

Additional consideration for some of the awards will be given to students who possess the following characteristics and/or traits:

Students attending any IAP program are encouraged to apply to become a Study Abroad Scholar. For some of the awards, additional consideration will be given to students planning to participate on IAP programs meeting the following criteria:

As study abroad not only benefits those participating on the program, but also helps enrich the UW-Madison community as a whole, all Study Abroad Scholars are required to carry out a "Share Your Experience" project upon return from abroad that helps to promote study abroad and international awareness at UW-Madison.

Student Eligibility Requirements
In order to be considered for Study Abroad Scholars for this application round, an applicant must:

To Apply
Completed applications must be submitted online by September 24, 2018. If your study abroad program application isn't due until after this date, you must still submit your scholarship application by this date to be considered. Incomplete applications or applications submitted to the office will not be considered.

To apply, please log into Scholarships@UW through your student center or by going directly to their website: You will need to create a profile and answer questions to begin the application.

All applicants will need to respond to the essay prompt: "In the context of your specific study abroad program and your own background and interests, what do you hope to gain from your time abroad?". Essays need to be 750 words or less.

Interested in more information about study abroad scholarships?
For additional scholarship information, visit our scholarship website.