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Volunteer Experience

I taught an English class with a campus program called Belén UC (Bethlehem Universidad Católica) that has volunteer college students teaching classes once a week to adults who were unable to finish high school and obtain a secondary education degree. I taught basic English classes each Friday night and had an amazing experience. I grew in friendship with the students I had because most of them were around my age and it was a good experience simply being a little bit of positive energy in their daily lives once a week.

Kelsey Kaufman

International Studies
IAP Santiago, Chile

Insurance Information

International Health Insurance

International health insurance is provided to all IAP study abroad students for the duration of their program. This insurance is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) and the cost of the CISI coverage is included in the IAP program fee. Detailed coverage information and policy descriptions defining the coverage terms are as follows:

For students with programs starting after May 1, 2016:

For students with programs starting after May 1, 2015:

Exact coverage dates vary by program but generally will start a day or two before the official program start date and terminate within a few days of the program's conclusion.

Students are advised to check with their current health insurance provider to see if they are covered internationally. IAP encourages students to arrange for continuation of their regular health insurance coverage while they are studying abroad.

Insurance for Personal Property

Students may want to consider having insurance to cover damage or theft of personal property while they are abroad. Although occurrences are rare, students may encounter personal property loss due to a fire or other incident in your local residence overseas. Insurance company policies vary widely on the circumstances and amount of coverage for personal property abroad. In some instances, homeowners or renter's insurance is enough to provide limited coverage. In other cases, a special policy must be purchased.

Check with your insurance company, or contact any insurance company which provides home or renter's insurance to learn more about the extent of coverage possible for personal property abroad.