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Most Memorable Experience

I volunteered at a nursing home in Aix, and meeting my 98-year-old friend Ferdinand was easily one of the best things I did.

Allison Mack

French and English, with a certificate in European Studies
IAP Aix-en-Provence, France

Money Matters

Financial Aid

UW-Madison students studying abroad may be able to utilize financial aid on UW-Madison study abroad programs. Guidelines on the usage can be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) webpage.

IAP encourages all students to complete a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application even if your student does not receive aid when on campus. Your student should complete a FASFA as normal and does not need to indicate anywhere that they are studying abroad.

IAP reports the total of the program, not just the program fee, to the Office of Student Financial Aid for all participants.

Once your student is accepted to their program, student financial aid packages are reviewed on the new costs of the study abroad program. If eligible, the increased study abroad costs may result in an increased award to the maximum level for a given type of aid.

Additional information about financial aid, including summer financial aid guidelines, can be found here.


Your student is encouraged to apply for scholarships as a way to supplement their budget for study abroad. There are many different types of scholarships awarded from multiple organizations/offices. IAP encourages students to start reviewing the scholarship list early so that your student can sort through the awards and determine which ones they are eligible to apply for. Scholarships for study abroad rarely cover the entire program fee. Students that start early and apply for awards from multiple sources may experience a better success rate of award.

Click here for more information and to review the IAP Scholarship Chart.

Program Costs

Upon acceptance into a study abroad program, your student will receive a program cost sheet. The program cost sheet includes specific program cost information such as total IAP program fee, a payment schedule, estimated additional expenses, and payment policies. You can view a copy of the program cost sheet on the program website; search for the websites here.

Accepted students pay a non-refundable IAP Acceptance Deposit to secure a place in the program which is credited to the IAP program fee. The IAP Acceptance Deposit payment should not be confused with co-sponsored partner deposits or host institution fees. If your student owes any additional fees directly to a partner or institution, this information will be listed in the "Estimated Additional Expenses" section of the program cost sheet.

Be sure your student understands what the program fee covers and does not cover. International airfare, housing, and meals are sometimes included; sometimes they are not. When not included, these additional expenses are listed on program cost sheets in the "Estimated Additional Expenses" section and are based on information from past participants and/or our study abroad partners. The cost of living abroad depends on the country and the exchange rate while abroad. Personal spending habits will also play a large role in additional expenses.

Program Fee Payments

The IAP program fee is billed by the UW-Madison Bursar's Office as an eBill. eBills are sent approximately four weeks in advance of the general payment due date. Official payment due dates are on the eBill. If a student has a problem meeting the payment due date, the student should contact their IAP Financial Specialist before the eBill due date to avoid penalties. An Authorized Payer is a parent (or other person) a student sets up to receive tuition eBill e-mail alerts and make ePayments from a regular checking or savings account through the Bursar's Office

Students can view their account balances and financial aid awards in MyUW. According to the UW Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), if your student accepts the financial aid award before they leave the U.S. and complete and return promissory notes for loans (if appropriate), financial aid funds will be credited to your student's UW account no sooner than 10 days prior to the start date on campus for the applicable fall or spring semester (5 days prior for summer abroad programs.) If the program start date is after the start date on campus, financial aid funds will be disbursed 10 days prior to the later start date. OSFA cannot legally disburse funds sooner than that. Therefore, it is important that your student apply for financial aid long before they leave on the abroad program (at least by March 1 for a summer program; by June 1 for an academic year or fall program; and by October 1 for a winter intersession or spring abroad program). Financial aid funds will be credited to your IAP program cost(s). If your student has more than enough aid to cover the program cost(s), the student will receive a refund (either electronically or paper check by mail depending on what the student has set-up with the Bursar's Office).

Some scholarships may not be included in anticipated aid amounts, even though they show on your students Award Report in MyUW. If scholarships are not listed on the back of the bill or your student does not have a final award package by the time the statement is received, contact IAP.

If payments will be partially financed by THIRD PARTIES (e.g. ROTC, Academic Excellence, music scholarships, Chancellor's Scholarship, etc.), it is crucial to inquire at the appropriate office whether or not this support can be applied to off-campus study. Questions about third party payments should be addressed to Judy Humphrey, IAP Financial Specialist, at or 608-262-6785 before payment due dates.

Failure to pay the study abroad program fee in full by scheduled or deferred due dates will result in a late fee and/or a hold indicator on your student's UW-Madison records/transcripts. A "hold" means students will not be able to register, receive study abroad grades, or receive financial aid. In addition, IAP may cancel a student's participation for failure to pay and/or place academic holds on the academic records of a student who does not meet the payment schedule without prior written consent from IAP.