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Transfer Credit Services for Work Completed Abroad on a Non-affiliated Program

Academic FAQs

This service is for currently enrolled UW-Madison undergraduate students who plan to complete course work abroad at a foreign institution or a study abroad program which is non-affiliated with UW-Madison. Not all non-affiliated programs are eligible for transfer credit. Before applying for a non-affiliated program, you should do your best to ensure that courses are similar in credit, contact hours, and content to a UW-Madison course.

1. How do I know if my courses will transfer from the foreign institution or study abroad program?
2. I will be taking an internship, independent study, or field study course abroad. Will I receive transfer credit?
3. How do I know if a course will transfer?
4. Can I submit courses for preliminary approval of transfer credit?
5. How do I convert my foreign credits to U.S. semester credits?
6. How many credits can I receive for my coursework abroad?
7. Can I take a course abroad to fulfill the ethnic studies requirement?
8. I want to take an intensive language program this summer, but it's not at an accredited, degree-granting institution. Will I get credit?
9. What final grade must I receive in order for the course to be transferrable?
10. Can I take a course abroad to fulfill major requirements?
11. Can I graduate abroad on a non-affiliated program?
12. As a nursing major, can I take courses abroad for transfer credit?

If you have questions about this process, contact IAP at