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Benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad gave me more than a foreign language, more than international relationships, and more than a bright spot on my resume. Living and studying abroad proved that I could be successful in a foreign country by overcoming language and cultural barriers. After my year abroad I was confident that I could live, work and be successful anywhere. It’s easy in Madison to get caught up in our college bubble, and studying abroad is a great way to regain a sense of the world outside of this campus.

Julia Byers

Honors in Psychology, German, Certificate of European Studies
IAP Freiburg, Germany

Opportunities with IAP

Employment Opportunities

Graduate Student Hourly: Data Support Assistant - Applications due May 1, 2017

Enrollment Specialist Advisor - Applications due May 19, 2017

Teaching Abroad Opportunities for UW-Madison Faculty

Please check back for future teaching abroad opportunities.

Practicum/Volunteer Opportunities

Please check back for future practicum/volunteer opportunities.