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Most Memorable Experience

Taking a pasta making class taught by a sweet Italian grandma. We learned to make all of the traditional Bolognesi pasta: tagliatelle, tortellini and tortelloni.

Andrea Berg

International Studies and Italian
IAP Bologna, Italy

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Send us your best snapshots from abroad and take part in IAP's Study Abroad Photo Contest! Vote for your favorite finalist photos on our Facebook page between April 9 – 15! Winning submissions will be featured on the IAP website, across campus, and in study abroad print and digital promotional materials.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning photos will be printed for display on campus, and winners will be able to take them home at the end of the semester!


Submissions will be accepted until Monday, April 2, 2018. Our panel of judges will review the photos and choose finalists in each category. Winners will be announced in late April.

2018 Photo Categories


Who can enter?

What photos can be submitted?

Submission Guidelines


Entries will undergo an initial review based on how they capture the category description, as well as their artistic expression, creativity, originality, and image quality. Three finalists from each category will be posted to the IAP Facebook page for final voting. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photos will be determined based on the number of reactions (likes, loves, laughs, and wow's) that each photo receives on Facebook between April 9 - 15, so be sure to share with friends, family, and classmates!

Cultural Sensitivity

Photography is a useful tool to help convey an experience or a memory, but it is important to recognize the power photos can have and to share them ethically. Photos must be culturally appropriate and sensitive.


Terms and Conditions

By entering the contest, you are giving IAP permission to use your photo(s) and other information/comments submitted in various marketing activities, publications and/or the web for the purpose of promoting study abroad at UW Madison. All photos, not just winning photos, may be used by IAP for the purposes noted above.

1st Place in Postcard Perfect, 2017

"Aurora in the Fjords"
Photographer: Taylor Spencer
Photo Location: West Fjords, Iceland
Description: After hitch hiking 4 hours to our campsite in the remote West Fjords of Iceland, we finally arrived at nighttime to the most amazing color show of the Northern Lights.
Aurora in the Fjords


1st Place in Cultural Snapshot, 2017

"Weaving Process - Card Punchers"
Photographer: Callan McNamara
Photo Location: Varanasi, India
Description: One of the most interesting things that I have been able to experience so far is the weaving process in Banaras. Banarsi weaving is so important to the community and yet it has so many social intricacies that I had no idea about. This photo shows one part of the process where holes are punched in cards to help make the design.
Weaving Process - Card Punchers


1st Place in Badger Pride, 2017

"We're Not in Wisconsin Anymore"
Photographer: Matt Foster
Photo Location: Sahara Desert, Morocco
Description: We went on a trip to Morocco and were lucky enough to spend a night in the Sahara Desert. We stopped on top of a dune at sunset and captured this amazing picture, but not as amazing as the sunset we witnessed. Naturally, we had to throw up the W.
We're Not in Wisconsin Anymore


1st Place in Out in the Field, 2017

"Ice Caves"
Photographer: Jamie Trapp
Photo Location: Vatnajokull, Iceland
Description: Studying glacial geology in Iceland has some serious perks! We went exploring the ice caves to see how water can shape these glaciers and appreciate how amazing ice is. This cave has been appearing for the last few years and it is known as the "Crystal Cave" because of its intense blue color. Other caves that we looked at were darker because of the layers of tephra.
Ice Caves


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