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Benefits of studying abroad

I think studying abroad sets me apart because it gave me a really unique opportunity to learn about a foreign culture and way of life hands-on. There is a limit to what you learn in a classroom, and studying abroad is a way to expand knowledge and understanding outside of those confines. I also think studying abroad opened my eyes to new horizons that I never would have considered had I not left Madison such as an international career or attending graduate school abroad.

Jillian Levy

History and Journalism
IAP London, England

IAP Policy Guidelines

General Information

Policies set forth by the University and International Academic Programs (IAP) guide the administration, planning and program development of all study abroad programs. These policies and guidelines were established primarily for the protection and safety of study abroad participants. For these reasons, study abroad participants are expected to read, understand, and adhere to the policies outlined in the Study Abroad Handbook as well as their acceptance paperwork. Please encourage your student to contact IAP if they have questions about these policies.

Student Privacy Rights (FERPA)

FERPA – the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended – is a federal law that governs the privacy of student educational records, access to those records, and disclosure of information from them. UW-Madison school officials must protect the privacy of student educational records and shall not disclose personally identifiable information about a student or permit inspection of the student's records without his/her written consent unless such action is permitted by FERPA.

Students have the right to inspect and review most educational records maintained about them by the UW-Madison and, in many cases, decide if a third person can obtain information from them. Students may challenge information in their records that they believe to be inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate.

IAP staff cannot discuss various aspects of a student's participation unless the student has given us permission in writing.

Additional information on student privacy rights can be found on the UW-Madison Office of the Registrar Office website.