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Italy, Florence - UW
Spring 2017
Confirmed Program Fee
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IAP Program Fees
Wisconsin Residents$17,500
MN Reciprocity$18,500
The UW Program Fee is a fixed cost which includes academic expenses, administrative costs, mandatory health insurance, orientation, apartment housing in downtown Florence, books/course materials, and program excursions including excursions to Rome and Venice.

Estimated Additional Expenses
The following are estimated expenses to help plan and prepare for the program. These amounts are subject to change depending on international economic factors and past participant reports. Student expenditures in-country depend greatly on personal spending habits, post-or during-program travel, and available funds.
Local Transportation$300
Total Estimated Additional Expenses$5,350
Airfare estimate is based on a round-trip fare: Chicago-Florence-Chicago.

Visa estimate is for the permit of stay and visa fees.

Personal/Miscellaneous estimate includes daily living expenses, spending money, reasonable travel, and pre-departure costs.

CET Housing Deposit: CET requires each student to pay a housing deposit of 50 Euros, which is refundable less any damages after program completion.  Students will pay this deposit directly to CET upon arrival in Florence.

CET Homestay Fee: CET charges an additional fee of $2,900 to students who select a homestay accommodation. Students will pay this fee directly to the CET. Homestay accommodations will include breakfast and dinner seven days a week. Meals are not included in apartment accommodations.

Total Cost of Attendance
Wisconsin Residents$22,850 
MN Reciprocity$23,850 
International Academic Programs (IAP) reserves the right to adjust the fees and expenses at any time. During the course of Program operations, actual figures may vary.


A. Program

The program provider, CET, uses the following cancellation fee schedule:

20% of the provider fee is owed if participation is cancelled October 22-November 17, 2016
30% of the provider fee is owed if participation is cancelled November 18-December 17, 2016
50% of the provider fee is owed if participation is cancelled December 18, 2016-January 1, 2017
100% of the provider fee is owed if participation is cancelled January 2-17, 2017

On or after January 18, 2017, if a student chooses to interrupt his/her participation in the program for any reason whatsoever or chooses not to attend certain parts of the program, there is no refund for any unused portions of the provider fee.

At the time of student cancellation, the provider will also assess the total amount of non-recoverable costs incurred on the student’s behalf. The provider pays its overseas partners in full well in the advance to the start of any program, and these costs are non-recoverable. If the total amount of these non-recoverable costs is greater than the appropriate cancellation fee noted in the cancellation fee schedule, the student will owe the total amount of the provider's non-recoverable costs in lieu of the cancellation fee.

B. International Academic Programs

Students may wish to cancel their participation before the program begins or withdraw after the program starts. Official cancellations or withdrawals are effective the date IAP has received written notification from the student. In either case, only recoverable IAP program fee costs will be waived or refunded. The IAP Acceptance Deposit is non-refundable. In all cases, non-IAP program fees are the responsibility of the student.

As the amount of program fee costs that are recoverable can vary greatly depending on the program and the timing of the cancellation/withdraw, IAP strongly encourages students to check with IAP regarding what the specific amounts may be before making a final decision.

If a student cancels their participation between the dates below, a $300 IAP Cancellation Fee will be charged in additional to any non-recoverable IAP program fee costs:

Program DurationCancellation Fee Date Range
SummerApril 15 to program start date
Fall SemesterJune 1 to program start date
YearJune 1 to program start date
Winter IntersessionDecember 1 to program start date
Spring SemesterDecember 1 to program start date
Calendar YearJanuary 1 to program start date
Spring BreakFebruary 1 to program start date
Conditional Participants: Should a student not meet the condition established by IAP and therefore their participation is cancelled, only recoverable IAP program fee costs will be waived or refunded. The student will be responsible for the IAP Acceptance Deposit and the $300 IAP Cancellation Fee.
Students Placed on Probation: Should a student be placed on probation and therefore their participation is cancelled, only recoverable IAP program fee costs will be waived or refunded. The student will be responsible for the IAP Acceptance Deposit and the $300 IAP Cancellation Fee.
Change of Program Duration: Should a student wish to defer their participation on a program, the student may transfer the IAP Acceptance Deposit for the same program to a future duration within the current or next fiscal year. The $300 IAP Cancellation Fee will not be charged; however, should the student cancel participation on the future duration the fee will be charged. The student may also incur program specific fees depending on the written notification date of deferral.
Called to Active U.S. Military Service: IAP follows the UW-Madison policy for enrolled UW-Madison students who are called to active U.S. military service.

Accepted students pay a non-refundable IAP Acceptance Deposit to secure a place in the program which is credited to the IAP program fee. The remainder of the IAP program fee is billed by the UW-Madison Bursarís Office as an eBill. eBills are sent approximately four weeks in advance of the general payment due date listed below. Official payment due dates are on the eBill. If a student has a problem meeting the payment due date, the student should contact their IAP Financial Specialist before the eBill due date to avoid penalties.

Program DurationGeneral IAP Program Fee Due Dates
Academic YearMid-August - 50% of IAP program fee
Mid-January - 50% of IAP program fee
Winter IntersessionMid-December
Calendar YearMid-January - 50% of IAP program fee
Mid-August - 50% of IAP program fee
Spring BreakMid-March

Students may incur additional charges during or after their study abroad program (i.e.: single room charge, additional course fee) for which the student will be billed. At any time, a student can view their account balance and financial aid awards in MyUW. Payments must be paid by the due date on the studentís eBill. Payments received after the due date listed on the eBill will be charged a $100 late fee. IAP reserves the right to cancel a studentís participation and/or to place a hold on the studentís UW record for failure to pay.

Information on payment methods and delivery, late fees, and financial aid disbursement and refunds can be found on the Bursarís Office website at Review the IAP Study Abroad Handbook for more details on the payment process.


UW-Madison student may be able to utilize financial aid on UW-Madison study abroad programs. Guidelines on the usage can be found on the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) webpage at

If you have not received aid in the past, you may still be eligible for financial aid to help with your study abroad expenses. Students interested in receiving financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships) should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available online at It is possible to apply for aid anytime during the academic year. However, it can often take in excess of 4 weeks to complete the processing of your application with OSFA; therefore, it is best to apply as early as possible.

If you already receive aid, you may qualify for additional funding to offset the extra costs sometimes associated with study abroad. Additional aid often comes in the form of loans, although there are some need-based study abroad grants available annually through OSFA. Likewise, if anticipated study abroad costs are less than on-campus costs; aid packages can be reduced. IAP provides OSFA with program cost information for each of our study abroad participants.

According to OSFA, if you accept your financial aid award before you leave the U.S. and complete and return promissory notes for loans (if appropriate), financial aid funds will be credited to your UW account no sooner than 10 days prior to the start date on campus for the applicable fall or spring semester (5 days prior for summer abroad programs.) If your program start date is after the start date on campus, financial aid funds will be disbursed 10 days prior to the later start date. OSFA cannot legally disburse funds sooner than that. Therefore, it is important that you apply for financial aid long before you leave on your abroad program (at least by March 1 for a summer program; by June 1 for an academic year or fall program; and by October 1 for a winter intersession or spring abroad program). Your financial aid funds will be credited to your IAP program cost(s). If you have more than enough aid to cover the program cost(s), you will receive a refund (either electronically or paper check by mail depending on what you have set-up with the Bursarís Office).

Questions about financial aid and funding your study abroad program should be addressed to:
Heidi Johnson
OSFA Financial Aid Advisor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tel: 608-262-3060


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and grants. Visit IAPís Scholarship Information at which has detailed information regarding study abroad scholarships, creative fundraising ideas, and other helpful financial tips.

Private scholarships received from agencies or companies outside the university may or may not allow students to use the scholarship for off-campus study abroad programs. Students should consult with the scholarship grantor if this is not clarified in the scholarship award letter.

Student scholarship recipients for the following scholarships should inform their IAP Financial Specialist to receive assistance with using this award when studying abroad:

  • Chancellors Scholar
  • National Security Education Program (NSEP)
  • Powers Knapp
  • UW Athletic scholarships

For tax and scholarship purposes, the following is a breakdown of the IAP Program Fee by qualified and non-qualified expenses:

Wisconsin Residents: Qualified = $13760; Non-Qualified Costs = $3740
MN Reciprocity: Qualified = $14760; Non-Qualified Costs = $3740
Non-Residents: Qualified = $16760; Non-Qualified Costs = $3740

Sara Lieburn
IAP Financial Specialist
Tel: 608-265-6329