• Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student
• 2.0 cumulative GPA
• Language Pre-requisite: None
• Open to UW-Madison degree-seeking students and Wisconsin residents seeking a degree at a US college or university. Preference is given to UW-Madison students
• Good academic and disciplinary standing



Classroom Language



Hotels, Residence Hall

Program Duration

Summer: Late May – Mid-June

Application Deadline(s)

TermApplication Deadline
Summer 2017  1/27/2017
Extended Deadline: 2/17/2017
Summer 2018  1/26/2018

Future durations will be posted at a later date.

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China, Beijing
UW Public Health, Environmental History and Design

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Spend four weeks traveling through China while studying public health, environmental history and sustainable design.  Students from diverse majors are encouraged to participate in this UW-Madison faculty-led seminar focusing on Chinese culture, history, arts, well-being, environmental and economical development.  The course will also discuss the recent development of public health and sustainable design in China.  Places to visit in 2016 include Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou and Shanghai.

The leading center of learning for over 700 years, China is home to breathtaking historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, as well as modern building innovations of sleek office high rises and emerging industrial quarters. Feng Shui has shaped many aspects of the way these buildings, palaces, and other public and private spaces have been designed and built, making the entire city a laboratory for studying Feng Shui's impact on design.

Over 5,000 years old, China has been developing at an amazing speed and now welcomes visitors from all around the world to explore its past and present. The biggest country in Asia and having the largest population in the world, China displays an extraordinarily rich cultural art design heritage. With Feng Shui principles deeply embedded within the Chinese way of life, China is a perfect venue for studying art, design, and its impact on human development and behavior.

Learning Objectives

We have overall Goals and Expectations for Study Abroad Participants, covering the personal, academic and professional aspects of study abroad. Additionally on this program, you can:
  • Gain a basic understanding of China’s cultural and environmental history, the impact of economic development to arts, public health, well-being, and sustainable design through hands-on information gathering at key historical sites
  • Be able to articulate the convergence of China’s development, well-being, and global environmental health issues
  • Be able to articulate own view of well-being through exposure to Western and Eastern concepts of well-being
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Chinese culture and act in culturally appropriate ways
  • Engage in meaningful cross-cultural interaction with Chinese citizens
  • Understand how individual citizens can play an integral role in fostering foreign relations