• Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
• 2.0 cumulative GPA
• Language Pre-requisite: None
• Open to UW-Madison degree-seeking students only
• Preference will be given to students who have previously studied French and who have completed Communication Arts 350 - Introduction to Film.
• Good academic and disciplinary standing


Communication Arts 613: Broadcasting and Film Topics OR
French 299

Classroom Language




Program Duration

Summer: Late-May - Mid-June

Future durations will be posted at a later date.

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France, Paris
UW Film in Paris

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Paris's love affair with the cinema began in 1895 at the first public screening of a film in the basement of the Grand Cafe. From the 1920s avant-garde, to the New Wave, to the present trends of more international exposure and tackling themes of social cleavages, filmmakers and film viewers have found Paris a stimulating place in which to create and experience films. Today, hundreds of films are shown each week in the cinemas, museums, and cinematheques of Paris.

The summer 2016 program will be led by Program Leader Professor Kelley Conway from the Communication Arts department.

Surrounded by a city full of film-lovers, the program offers a unique perspective for studying film. This program offers students the chance to live as a cinephile in Paris for four weeks through film viewing, walking tours of film sites, and visits to various art cinemas.

Learning Objectives

IAP has overall Goals and Expectations for Study Abroad Participants, covering the personal, academic and professional aspects of study abroad. Additionally on this program, you can:
  • Learn specialized vocabulary for describing film style and narrative
  • Explore the differences and the similarities between the French and American film industries
  • Understand the key historical factors, texts, directors, and films of the French New Wave
  • Gain knowledge about contemporary French film exhibition practices by visiting art houses, cineplexes, and the Cinémathèque Française
  • Master the historical importance of one neighborhood in Paris and lead the class on an educational tour
  • Deepen cross-cultural understanding through exposure to daily life in Paris