• Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student
• 2.0 cumulative GPA
• Language Pre-requisite: None
• Open to UW-Madison degree-seeking students only
• Good academic and disciplinary standing


Humanities, Social Science

Classroom Language




Program Duration

Summer: Late May – Late June

Application Deadline(s)

TermApplication Deadline
Summer 2018  2/2/2018

Future durations will be posted at a later date.

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Croatia, Rovinj
UW Conflict and Culture

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Beautiful scenery, delicious food, interesting people, and a new culture to explore. Imagine experiencing it all this summer!

This amazing program explores the relationship between conflict and the formation of national identities in the unique cultural setting of Istria, the northwestern peninsula of Croatia. Istria is an ideal location for the program not only because of the beautiful location of the peninsula, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, but also because Istria is a "border zone" with a melange of Slavic, Italian and Germanic cultural traditions. Students will be based in Rovinj, a postcard-perfect city on the shores of the Adriatic. Class will be held in a classroom in the local Center for Historical Research.

Rovinj was an island until the 17th century, when the narrow channel separating the city from the mainland was filled to accommodate the growing population of the area as a naval and mercantile outpost of the Venetian Republic. Istria has a rich historical legacy due to the constant exchange between Slavic, Latin, and Germanic cultures. The residents of Rovinj are multilingual and of mixed ethnic makeup. Croatian and Italian are used interchangeably and due to tourism and its border location, many of its residents also speak German and English. Istria is an excellent setting for UW-Madison students keen on studying a variety of topics, from literature to politics and anthropology.

"Personally, the study abroad in Croatia is my favorite teaching assignment at UW-Madison.  It allows me to guide students in understanding how conflict develops between opposing cultural practices.  By bridging the gap between my former homeland of Yugoslavia and my adopted country of the United States, the students learn the complexities of both the local and the global understanding of these concepts." -Resident Director Tomislav Longinovic

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Learning Objectives

We have overall Goals and Expectations for Study Abroad Participants, covering the personal, academic and professional aspects of study abroad. Additionally on this program, you can:
  • Understand Istria’s significance through examination of its culture and history
  • Learn more about the history and politics of the Balkan region and the European Union
  • Practice cross-cultural communication skills and the ability to adapt to a new culture
  • Develop an understanding and comfort with day-to-day life in Rovinj