• Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
• 2.5 cumulative GPA; 3.0 cumulative GPA in all French language courses
• Language Pre-requisite: 1st Semester French
• Open to UW-Madison degree-seeking students.
• Good academic and disciplinary standing


French language

Classroom Language



Apartments, Hotels, Local Hosts, Residence Hall

Program Duration

Summer June Session: Late May – Late June
Summer July Session: Early July – Late July
Summer August Session: Late July – Late August

Application Deadline(s)

TermApplication Deadline

Future durations will be posted at a later date.

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France, Tours
Institut de Touraine French Language Program

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Located in Tours, a city in central France, the Institut Touraine was founded in 1912 to teach French language and culture to students and French teachers. The Institut is housed in the beautiful Hotel Torterue which dates to the Second Empire (1852-1870). Now the Institut welcomes over 2,500 students each year from over eighty countries. The Institut employs twenty-five highly qualified teachers, along with four student support staff members.

This program is perfect for students at all French levels who wish to improve their language skills while learning about the French culture with other students from around the world.

Students can choose one four-week program in June, July or August or combine two sessions for an eight-week program. These programs are in large part comprised of intensive language courses, but if a student tests into the intermediate level, they have the option to take culture, literature or history classes.

Learning Objectives

We have overall Goals and Expectations for Study Abroad Participants, covering the personal, academic and professional aspects of study abroad. Additionally on this program, you can:
  • Strengthen language skills
  • Navigate new educational systems, as well as new learning and teaching styles
  • Observe French perspectives on academic disciplines.
  • Deepen cross-cultural understanding through host families