• Sophomore, Junior, Senior
• Students will also enroll in LACIS 440 (topics course), for 2 credits in the Fall and 2 credits in the Spring.
Students will travel to El Salvador in January  and earn 2 hours of LACIS 440 for the January experience in addition to the Fall and Spring credit. This program runs every other year.  Next session will be 2016-17.
• 2.5 cumulative GPA
• Language Pre-requisite: None
• Good academic and disciplinary standing


Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian studies (LACIS)

Classroom Language



Guesthouse, Local Hosts

Program Duration

This is a year-long course where you will earn 6 credits in LACIS 440: two credits for the Fall semester, two credits for the Spring semester, and two credits for the study abroad program in El Salvador. LACIS 440 counts toward the LACIS major. The abroad component is 9-13 days.
This program will run every-other year: 2016-17 with the international component in January 2017 is the next projected program term.

Future durations will be posted at a later date.

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El Salvador, San Salvador
UW Land and the People of El Salvador

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The UW-Madison study abroad program in El Salvador has been suspended until further notice.

This community-based research program is an experiential and interdisciplinary exploration of the land and the people of El Salvador from the perspective of international solidarity and sistering. You will participate in Fall and Spring courses on campus, in addition to two weeks abroad in El Salvador.

As we examine the interrelated political, economic and cultural systems of El Salvador, our focus will be to define international solidarity and to explore the development of grass-roots social movements as a means to develop a sense of understanding and connection between the peoples of the United States and El Salvador. Our class will study and promote the practices of consciousness raising, empowerment, and liberation, and explore the meanings of democracy for us in the United States and for the Salvadoran people.