Site Course Listing For:   Costa Rica, San Jose (UW Spanish Language in Costa Rica)
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Foreign Course Equivalent Course Equiv Code g e B L C R S Note
Courses for COSI-Maximo Nivel Back to Top
Internship International Acad Prgms-SAB 306
Topics in Humanities
50349   H I C Y

Topics in Span Lang Pract
54368     A C Y

Spanish for Business SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 329
Spanish for Business
54369     A C  

Courses for UW - Madison Back to Top
First Year Spanish I (101) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 101
First Semester Spanish
37446     E C  

First Year Spanish II (102) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 102
Second Semester Spanish
37444     E C  

Third Semester Spanish (203) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 203
Third Semester Spanish
38548     I C  

Fourth Semester Spanish (204) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 204
Fourth Semester Spanish
37442     I C  

Introduction to Hispanic Literature (224) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 224
Intro-Hispanic Literatures
37441   L I C  

Intermediate Language with Emphasis on Writing and Grammar (226) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 226
Interm Lang Prac-Writng&Grammr
37443     A C  

Advanced Language Practice (311) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 311
Advanced Language Practice
38549     A C  

Advanced Conversation (325) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 325
Advanced Conversation
37445     A C  

Topics in Literature (460) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 460
Literatura Hispanoamericana
38550   L A C Y

Topics in Culture (468) SPANISH (SPANISH AND PORTUG) 468
Topics in Hispanic Culture
38551   H A C Y