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All results below are IAP approved programs, offered to complement on-campus academics at UW-Madison.

UW Signature Programs: Created specifically by UW-Madison, and may include courses taught by UW-Madison instructors. These programs may be prioritized for IAP scholarships.

Exchange & Affiliate Programs: Offered through partnerships with other universities or organizations.

UW Signature Programs
France, Aix-en-Provence / Academic Program in Aix-en-Provence
Spring, Year, Fall French  Junior, Senior  Humanities, social sciences, French language and literature.

Morocco, Rabat / UW French Language in Morocco
Summer French  Sophomore, Junior, Senior  French Language

Exchange & Affiliate Programs
Belgium, Brussels / CIEE Business, Communications and Culture at Vesalius College
Spring, Year, Fall English, French  Sophomore, Junior, Senior  Communication arts, economics, business, French language, Dutch language, history, political science, sociology, and journalism.

France, Montpellier / Institut National d'études Supérieures Agronomiques de Montpellier Exchange
Spring English, French  Junior, Senior, Graduate Student  Agricultural and plant sciences, conservation biology, soil science, environmental science and forest ecology.

France, Paris / CIEE French and Critical Studies in Paris
Spring, Year, Fall French  Sophomore, Junior, Senior  Art history, communication arts, comparative literature, French literature, history, linguistics, philosophy, and women and gender studies.

France, Paris / Institut d Etudes Politiques Exchange
Spring, Year, Fall French  Junior, Senior  Upper-level classes are available in economics and business, European studies, French studies, history, international relations, law, political science, and sociology.

France, Tours / Institut de Touraine French Language Program
Summer French  Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior  French language

Senegal, Dakar / UMN MSID International Development in Senegal
Spring, Year, Fall French, English, Wolof  Junior, Senior  French or Wolof language, international development topics and required internship or research project.

Tunisia, Tunis / SIT Emerging Identities in North Africa
Spring Arabic, English, French  Sophomore, Junior, Senior  Arabic or French language, globalization and development, and fieldwork project.