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I've led two study abroad programs for IAP, both three-week courses in Greece.  Although the programs were designed to help students explore Greek history, I believe that the greatest value in study abroad, even in an old place like Greece, comes from direct contact with the modern, living culture.  By observing another way of life, every traveler can learn quite a lot about other people but even more about her or himself.  My programs, therefore, were designed to encourage all the students to interact as much possible with "everyday" Greeks, and so we frequently went off the beaten path.  In both cases, the students became tight-knit groups, supporting each other while abroad and forging friendships that have lasted well beyond their time in Greece.

Jeff Beneker
Associate Professor
Classics Department
College of Letters and Science

Promoting Study Abroad

Even with a great selection of programs for students to choose from, they can't apply if they don't know about them! You play an active role in informing students about opportunities, asking if they are thinking of going abroad, and sharing upcoming event details.

Among the ways that IAP can help promote study abroad in general and specific programs to your students are:

IAP has two “on-demand” workshops available:

To request a workshop on one of these two topics or to customize a specific workshop or presentation for your department, please contact IAP Marketing with the following information:

Your Name
Event Type (tabling, presentation or other)
Event Date, Time, Duration and Location
Specific Country or Region of Interest
Specific Major or Certificate of Interest

An IAP marketing team member will reply to you shortly.

Regularly scheduled IAP events can be found on our Web site here.