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Impact of Experience Abroad

Studying abroad has most definitely changed me. I feel that now I am much more open to and aware of other cultures and cultural differences around me. I have also learned to appreciate many aspects of my own culture. Before leaving to study abroad, I was almost embarrassed by being American, but I learned that there are certain things that I can’t change about who I am and that I would not want to anyway.

Caitlin Quintez

Spanish Education and French Education
IAP Madrid, Spain

IAP General Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarship Eligibility

The IAP General Study Abroad scholarship incorporates all of the following awards. If you apply to the IAP General scholarship, you will be considered for any of these awards should you meet the full eligibility criteria and if the award was renewed: Cerk Family Scholarship, IAP Merit-Based Scholarships, Joe Elder Scholarship, Julie and Michael Gerend Fund, Laurent A Makward Memorial Scholarship, NAVE, and Study Abroad Alumni Scholarship.

How to Apply/Deadlines

To apply for the IAP Study Abroad Scholarship, go to Scholarships@UW to create a profile and submit an application. The IAP Study Abroad Scholarship has the following deadline, regardless of when your program application deadline is:

Summer/Fall/Academic Year - March 1
Spring/Calendar Year/Winter Break/Spring Break - October 15

Awarding Decisions

Scholarship awards are highly competitive and applications are carefully reviewed and evaluated by the scholarship committee. A student's financial need is often part of the awarding decision, so be sure to fill out the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA).

Awardees will be notified by email if you have received a scholarship from IAP. Notifications are typically sent within 3-4 weeks after the deadline. Alternate awards may become available due to various factors. If you receive an alternate award, you will be notified by email.