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Most Memorable Experience

I volunteered at a nursing home in Aix, and meeting my 98-year-old friend Ferdinand was easily one of the best things I did.

Allison Mack

French and English, with a certificate in European Studies
IAP Aix-en-Provence, France

While You are There

Choose the right classes

While some programs have a set curriculum, many give you the freedom to pick the courses that are right for you. You will choose what is most interesting to you, what is appropriate for your level (linguistic/academic), and what will work best in your academic plan. You will eventually fill out a Course Equivalent Request (CER); see below. Yet it may be helpful to refer to that form and its instructions as you are choosing your courses so that you can get an idea about how they could transfer.

Course Equivalent Requests and MyStudyAbroad

Each course you take abroad must be assigned a UW-Madison equivalent course in order for your grades and credits to be recorded on your UW-Madison transcript. In order to establish UW-Madison course equivalents for your study abroad courses, you will submit Course Equivalent Requests through your MyStudyAbroad (MySA) account. Your equivalent course title, credits and grades will be recorded on your UW Madison transcript. Detailed information on the equivalent process is available in your MySA and the IAP Study Abroad Handbook.

Get Academic Advising while abroad

Take advantage of the resources that you have on site such as your Resident Director, your program coordinator, or your professors. In addition, stay in contact with your academic advisor(s) on campus through email; they offer advice about the courses you are taking abroad and the courses you may be taking upon your return. They can keep you abreast of educational opportunities and policies that may arise on campus while you are away.

Register for classes while abroad

The UW-Madison Registrar’s Office will inform you by e-mail of registration dates and details. It is your responsibility to register yourself for the semester following your study abroad programs through My UW (non-UW-Madison students should check with their home institution’s guidelines). Please clear any holds on your record before registration, including advising holds used by some Schools or Colleges to ensure that students speak to their advisors before registering. If a course has a pre-requisite that you are fulfilling while abroad, you should notify the department in question and get authorization to register for that course.

Graduate while abroad

You can graduate while abroad if you fulfill your degree requirements. The IAP Study Abroad Handbook has detailed information about graduating while abroad. You can also get information on graduation from the Registrar’s Office. International Students should be sure to talk with ISS if they wish to graduate abroad, as that may have visa implications for your U.S. visa.